How To Earn A Passive Income Blogging Featured

How To Earn A Passive Income Blogging

Making passive income blogging is a dream that many people have. I’m happy to tell you that this dream is 100% possible.

There is a common misconception about making passive income. However, once you get past the misconception you can begin your journey to writing blogs for passive income.

What is the common misconception about earning a passive income?

It is that you don’t have to do any work for that income. With passive income you do not have to directly do work to get paid. You do however have to put work into your passive income asset in the beginning to get it started generating passive income. Once it is earning you can “earn money while you sleep” but it may take a bit of time to get it there.

If you are willing to put in the up front work, blogging is one of the best passive income ideas.

Ways to make a passive income blogging

There are several ways you can make a passive income from your blog. Here are the obvious ones:

  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Selling information products
  • Selling physical products
  • Selling software

How display advertising gives you passive income

Display advertising is literally you putting ads on the pages of your blog. Advertisers pay you to have their ads shown to people who visit your site. There are a few different ways to make money from display ads.

You can sell spots directly to advertisers for a monthly fee. This method can be the most lucrative but it the hardest to do as you have to go and sell the spots.

The easiest method is to use Google Adsense but I don’t recommend it. With Google Adsense there is almost no barrier to entry. You sign up with Google and put a code on your site then they will show ads on your site and give you a percentage of what they charge the advertisers.

The display advertising I recommend is to use a premium ad network. With a premium ad network you will earn more money than from Google Adsense. It is generally as easy to get setup on a premium ad network but there is a caveat. Your website has to be approved by the ad network before they will show ads on your website. Most premium display networks have a required traffic amount before you can apply with them.

This caveat may feel devastating to some people. However, I will argue that when you are first starting out it is better to focus on building content people enjoy than making money from it. Ezioc is the premium ad network with the lowest barrier to entry. They require 10k visits per month to apply for their network. If you are not there yet, keep doing keyword research and finding topics for your blog posts that will drive more traffic to your website.

Affiliate commissions help create passive income from your blog

If you have posts on your blog that talk about specific products or services you have an opportunity to earn affiliate commissions. You do this by signing up with another company’s affiliate program. Once you are part of their affiliate program, every sale you send their way you will be rewarded with a commission.

The biggest example of this is Amazon Associates(what they call their affiliate program). If you are a part of Amazon Associates you will receive a small commission every time you refer someone to buy something on Amazon.

However, do not pigeon hole yourself into thinking it is only physical products on Amazon that you can make commissions for. For physical products there are many other programs that pay higher commissions than Amazon. For example if you are in the home improvement space, Home Depot offers 8% on home decor products. In the service world you can go crazy all dependent on your audience. For example this blog makes a commission when you sign up to SiteGround hosting using my link.

If you think about all of the products and services related to the topics you write about on your blog you can make some really great income from affiliate programs.

Selling information products for passive income

If you have an expertise or can help someone accomplish a goal, you can probably make an income from selling information products. Information products are things like blogs, courses, workbooks, checklists or eBooks.

The biggest benefit to information products is that they are infinitely scalable. How they scale is where you get into an automated income machine for passive income. With information products you make them one time and then can sell the same product over and over again. It doesn’t take more time with every sale you make.

Your blog can sell your information products while you sleep. Someone does a Google search and lands on one of your blog posts. They realize that they would like to learn how to travel for cheap and see your $50 guide on how to travel for cheap. They then buy it and you earned money without doing anything for them outside of the work you did up front to make your guide and blog.

Selling physical products from a blog

Selling physical products on your blog is similar to affiliate and selling info products. Depending on your fulfillment for your products is whether or not this is passive for you. Physical products have to be delivered some how. If you have a dropshipping agreement with a manufacturer or you pay someone to ship for you, selling physical products on your blog can be passive.

Blogging can be a good way to sell physical products. Many people will search online for more information or reviews about products before they buy them. If you can answer their questions, it is likely that you have built trust with them and they will be more comfortable buying from you than your competitors.

Selling software for blog income

Software is like info products where it is pretty scalable. Depending on the software in may be infinitely scalable but some software does require more overhead as it increases. That being said it even if there is more overhead than an eBook, it is less than say a physical product for sure.

Teaching people how to accomplish a goal and then showing them a piece of software that can help them accomplish that goal faster/easier will sell software.

Tutorials for software also helps sell software. Many people use this method in the affiliate space as well. They will find a piece of software that has a good affiliate commission. Then they will create a tutorial how to use the software and include an affiliate link so that if someone buys after seeing their tutorial, they will get paid.


Blogging is one of the unique passive income ideas that actually work. If you build a resource that really helps people you will be able to make passive income. The dream of making money while you sleep can happen with your blog.

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